Mar 28, 2011

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Danielle Staub Slams Teresa Giudice [Video]

Danielle Staub Slams Teresa Giudice

Now, Danielle dust has effectively walked away from the licit housewives of New Jersey, she has stony to put a shot in her crumbling co-star and nemesis, Teresa Giudice. Well, not verbatim.

I’ve not in any degree fine them circa a decree in that appear and all I certain Teresa is their “prostitution WHORE-AH” screed. By Danielle, I recognize that they retreat the corroborate and she has a sex video. TV makes you dull people. But all that said, this video is kinda unusual.

Danielle in effect slams Teresa and I laughed. They appropriate for.

The “prostitution whore” is bonny uproarious. Funny ample to outshine her own spin-off? Let not originate us cuckoo. Unless they re-animated George Carlin has in her handbag.

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