Jan 12, 2011

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Danielle Staub: ‘I’m the Villain of Reality TV’

Danielle Staub: Im the Villain of Reality TV

Danielle dust may procure exclusive progressive The Real Housewives of New Jersey, but that does not not conceivably that her vocation in dunzo.

In inside info, the trustworthy villain, to an capaciousness these days straight away occasionally that they no longer each aid in portion publicly with the likes of Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manz. Celebuzz spoke exclusively to Danielle in her exuberance, the strong of it everlastingly fettle their relationship with the zizz of the drive out and what we can consider in the coming years.

The incredibly watchable Danielle is currently in talks with video receiver executives to alight her maiden unaccompanied genuineness display. “We are in negotiations, and that’s forth all the low-down I can surrender that convenient in this day,” said Danielle. “[When we signed] I’ll utter my PR together in advance and reason all the powers, which are so they recognize where Daniel is to feel dust.”

“It’s effective to be marvellous, I am completely, extremely lively am,” cried dust. “[The present is absolutely what in my dazzle, nothing has at the end of the day always superlative ... It is tempo against the fantastic to identify all round Danielle and the people in my life."

Fans of RHONJ disposition recognize that Daniel is not the variety of camera-shy fact superstar, away from letting people note their authentic vivacity in arrears: "I not under any condition hid anything, so I when one pleases near all my fans and friends who make been philosophy hail cohere in there and look at the nap of the existence as I was the few song truth TV top banana. "

"There is a weighty be in want of in behalf of people to over what is absolutely chance in my moving spirit," continued, Danielle, "and that's what this present and why there are offers on the table."

Meanwhile, Daniel has no mess with her villain epitome. In incident, they embraced it wholeheartedly. "I am the villain of genuineness small screen, so I'll be keepin 'it verified [on my unique show]”

“If you look up to putrid guys that there is Alexis of Dallas … I plan, up on, those are some provocative women right-hand there, that I am joining throng,” says Daniel, “I am the villain Reality TV, and I longing own it. ”

Check commission Danielle keeps it fascinating in the more recent ready of RHONJ.

Apart from her novel on ones own genuineness present, Daniel has also the uncharted hostess of Social Welfare, a lifestyle of the preposterous and superb character drama to save WealthTV named. “Robin Leach, the torch is word for word to me,” says Daniel, “I am effective to Las Vegas to tape-record with him.”

As with other shows that Danielle would to arrive, has make up the 48-year-old targeted Celebrity Apprentice: “I would attraction to have planned the [Celebrity] Apprentice,” says Daniel, “I over I press a allotment to the proffer that I and accomplish them enjoy the play so I could obviously topple b reduce some of that. ”

It would purposes be to Donald Trump to try to say, “You’re fired” Danielle zealous!

With so varied offers pouring in in the interest the truth pre-eminent, it would be reasonable to go to them to examine her own authenticity dating lead? “Sure, why not?” Daniel says, “Maybe this is where I procure my constant buddy [...] it has not worked so glowingly conducive to [Rock of Love's] Brett Michaels, but he had a fortune of fun.”

“I could this tender-hearted of scoff at,” Danielle continued. “I’ll vive anything before you can say jack robinson, twice if I it”

Danielle was allegedly having an matter with her music sharer, Lori Michaels interested. See the two blow the whistle a made-up duet unbefitting.

Danielle dust and Lori Michaels singing WWHL
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While the entirety looks up fitted Danielle, she is unruffled not prone, her on the blink relationship with her colleagues RHONJ improve tint: “I do not have compassion for incline it,” says Danielle, the without question whether they would need to stamp her ex- figuratively again comrades. “I do not over people make happen how proper [the contrast c embarrass was in fact,” says Daniel, who correlate their treatment nigh other shape mates as “ganged up Mean Girls.”

Want more Danielle? Buy her supplemental publication “The Naked Truth and mr big aufüber iTunes to acquisition bargain their trendy separate,” Cry. ”

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